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The range of hearing aids and the level of technology available today is vast. The price you pay is generally determined by the level of technology within the hearing aid.

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What you will need will depend on many factors including level of hearing, dexterity, lifestyle, cosmetic preferences, and of course budget. Choosing the appropriate hearing technology is a critical part of a hearing aid purchase, Not all clients need premium or advanced levels of technology. Excellent results can often be obtained with more basic models. However, advance and premium hearing aids do offer significant advantages, especially in more complex listening situations. We are here to explain and guide you through this process.

Hearing aids are clinical devices and need to be prescribed and fitted by a trained professional. We, therefore, need to carry out a full hearing assessment including a hearing test before recommending the most appropriate solution for you in terms of style and technology to suit your lifestyle, listening needs, cosmetic requirements and budget.

Our hearing assessments and hearing tests are complimentary and without obligation.

Hearing aids can now be combined with a series of completely wireless accessories, helping you to hear even better when you are on the telephone, watching tv, or out with friends. You can even connect wirelessly and stream sound directly from your mobile phone

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