Hearing aid manufacturers

Many national hearing companies are owned by or ‘in agreement’ with specific manufacturers, which means that you may be offered only hearing aids by that manufacturer, limiting your choice. Many also ‘rebrand’ products so you do not know what you are getting and cannot compare prices online. These companies also have large infrastructures: head office, marketing departments, area managers etc. which all requires financing, their prices are therefore generally a lot higher than independent providers.

We are totally independent and can therefore offer the full range of hearing aids available on the market. Each manufacturer specialises and excels in different areas. Let our experience and expertise help choose the right hearing solution for you

GN Resound

A Danish company and leading international developer of advanced and innovative hearing solutions. They were the first hearing aid manufacturer to introduce wireless technology, enabling direct streaming of sound ear-to-ear and a range of wireless accessories to enhance the performance of hearing aids.

They also produced the world’s first ‘Made for i-phone hearing aids’ streaming high-quality sound directly through your hearing aids that act like wireless stereo headphones.

GN Resound Linx Sound Streaming Hearing Aids


A Swiss company which rank within the top three manufacturers in the world. Their hearing instruments are technologically advanced and of innovative design. They also specialise in high-power, high-performance hearing aids – the first to us ‘SoundRecover’ making high frequency sounds audible again. Their new Venture chip has twice the processing power with reduced battery consumption and the new ‘Easycall II’ connects with any Bluetooth enabled phone, even non-smartphones.

Phonak Hearing Aids


A privately owned Danish manufacturer who produce hearing instruments with a unique sound quality. Existing Widex users tend to continue using Widex products for subsequent hearing aid purchases. They are particularly favoured by musicians/music lovers.

Widex Dream Hearing Aids


An American hearing aid company based near Stockport in the UK have been producing hearing aids since 1967 and is now one of the few remaining privately own hearing aid manufacturers. Great products and a wide range of models to suit all budgets. Particularly good at producing ‘invisible’ hearing aids that sit deep inside the ear canal. They also produce a range of specialist ‘Hearing Glasses’ which are also rechargeable and may suit those with dexterity issues

Starkey Hearing Aids Z Series


Unitron are part of the Sonova Group who also own Phonak, the technology used by the two companies are similar but not entirely the same. Unitron products represent excellent value for money and superb sound quality. Their ‘Flextrial’ programme allows us to download different technology levels and features onto the same hearing instrument – so you can hear the difference and choose the best for you.

Unitron Hearing Aids

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