Protect your hearing

Protect your hearing – it’s precious!

Our ears and our hearing are precious.

Our hearing helps us to stay in touch with family and friends, enjoy music, warn us of danger and allow us to participate in life.

Prolonged and repeated exposure to loud noise can damage your hearing. It is the second most common form of hearing loss after age-related hearing hoss – and it is avoidable.

Loudness sound chart protect your hearing

We at Ferring Hearing Centre are committed to promoting hearing health and conservation.

How can I protect my hearing?

Here are a few tips to keep your ears and your hearing healthy:

  1. Avoid Noise Exposure

    The modern world is a very noisy place. Remember any loud sounds can cause irreversible damage to your hearing, even everyday sounds., The only way to prevent noise damage is to keep the volume down.

  2. Wear Hearing Protection

    Wear protection when you are in loud noise. Modern custom-made hearing protection allows you to discreetly protect your hearing while not compromising on sound quality. You can even hear clearly enough to have a normal conversation when you are wearing them.

  3. Take Regular Breaks

    If you have to be in noise for long periods take regular breaks to allow your hearing time to recover.

  4. Have a hearing Test

    If you have any concerns, come and have a hearing loss. It’s better to know if there is a problem and with modern hearing technology there is almost always something to help you.

  5. Let your ears look after themselves

    The ears have a natural cleaning mechanism to ensure that wax does not build up. Earwax is a good thing, it helps to keep the ear canals healthy and prevents debris from reaching the eardrum. Never put anything in your ears such as cotton buds, the skin in the ear canal is very thin and sensitive and easily grazed, putting cotton buds into the ear simply pushes any was closer to the eardrum and can result in infections.,

Noise at Work

Can noise at work damage my ears?

Employers are obliged to protect your hearing under the ‘Noise at Work’ regulations. If you are in a noisy job (in excess of 80db) they should make sure you have hearing protection.

Loud Music

Can loud music damage my ears?

We can all subject our ears to potentially damaging noise – especially at nightclubs and concerts and by using MP3 players.

The damage builds up gradually, and the effects may not be noticed until years later, when it is too late. Most hearing loss or tinnitus caused by noise exposure is permanent.

You can prevent hearing loss due to noise by taking steps to protect your hearing and by reducing the length of time you listen to very loud sounds. Listening to any sound at high volume (more than 89db) for more than five hours a week can damage hearing permanently over time.

What can I do to protect my hearing from loud music?

M – MP3 players can be too loud for your ears – turn it down!
U – USE chillout zones in clubs and take regular breaks from the loudest areas
S – STAND back from the speakers – your ears will thank you
I – INVEST in some noise cancelling headphones
C – CARRY earplugs with you – they won’t block music out – just make it safer

Concerts protect hearing damage from loud music

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