Our hearing aftercare programme

Hearing aids are a long-term investment with life-changing potential. We take this responsibility very seriously and ensure we have the knowledge and experience for you to obtain maximum benefit from your hearing aids. All our hearing aids therefore come with a lifetime of aftercare which includes:

Hearing aid aftercare service and check-ups

Follow Up Appointments

The fitting of your hearing aids is just the start, it can take time to get used to new hearing aids. Follow up appointments are used for you to advise of of your experiences which will allow us to fine tune the instruments based on your individual preferences. You will have as many follow up appointments as you need until moving on to our Six Monthly check up appointments.

Six Month Check-ups

This is an important part of you aftercare program where we will check your ears and make sure the hearing aid is working as it should be. We can also clean the hearing aid and make any adjustments that may be required.


We normally recommend a full reassessment every two years. Just as our eyesight changes over time, so can the hearing. So we will retest your hearing and re-tune or reprogram the hearing aid if required to make sure it is still performing at optimum level for your current hearing level.

Hearing Assessment & Hearing Aids

Service Appointments

We are available at any stage if you have a problem or need advice – all part of our aftercare service.

The hearing aids are just the beginning, the fitting, fine-tuning and ongoing support is what delivers the real benefits.

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