The cost of hearing aids

Did you know that are four million people in the UK have undiagnosed and untreated hearing loss.

The range of hearing aids available is vast and you will not know what will be appropriate for your hearing loss and lifestyle without a complimentary hearing assessment. Prices for a pair of hearing aids start at £750 and can go up to £3700 depending on the technology available within the hearing aid.

However if you know the make and model of a particular hearing aid, please contact us for a price. We guarantee to price-match on a like-for-like service basis on new technology.

What do hearing aids cost?

The price of hearing aids is determined by the level of technology within the aids. Custom-made hearing instruments start at just £795 a pair (to include lifetime aftercare), the average life expectancy of hearing aids is 5 years, therefore the cost of better hearing per day is:

Entry level digital hearing aid technology is just 0.43p per day (per pair)
Standard level digital hearing aid technology is just 0.83p per day (per pair)
Advanced level digital hearing aid technology is just £1.16 per day (per pair)
Premium level digital hearing aid technology is just £1.49 per day (per pair)
Top of the Range digital hearing aid technology is just £1.86 per day (per pair)

Full range of hearing aids available from the leading manufacturers worldwide.

All our hearing systems come with a 45-day money-back guarantee if not entirely satisfied.

The cost of not having hearing aids

Whilst assessing the financial cost of hearing aids, you must also assess the physical cost and the impact it has on you and your life if you do not have hearing aids:

  • Hearing loss is a very gradual process – you may not notice but it affects everyone around you, if those you know and love complain that your are not hearing well – take it seriously!
  • Hearing well improves relationships
  • Hearing loss makes it hard to enjoy social occasions which leads to withdrawal and social isolation which in turn can lead to anxiety and depression
  • Those with untreated hearing loss have greater risk of falling
  • Hearing loss and dementia have been linked
  • The longer hearing loss is left untreated, the harder it is for the brain to rehabilitate, like muscles wasting

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The cost of hearing aids and hearing

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