Tinnitus and ringing in the ears

Ringing in the ears and Tinnitus Management

Tinnitus is an awareness of sound in the ears that has no external source.  The tone can vary in frequency and volume.

Many people experience occasional ringing in the ears, but a significant number of people have severe symptoms and can become severely distressed by these sounds.

Tinnitus is often, but not always linked to a hearing loss – if you cannot hear the outside noises, you tend to notice the natural noises inside your head much more because they are not masked by environmental noise.

If you are looking for ways to manage your tinnitus, you may find the suggestions below bring you some degree of relief.

Learning to Relax

It is very common to worry about tinnitus, and for this to cause tension which worsens the condition. Learning to relax can be an important part of the relief process.  There are many relaxation techniques you can learn from books, cds, classes or online.  Some people find that aromatherapy, massage, reflexology, yoga, tai chi have similar relaxing benefits

Avoid Silence

Increasing the amount of background noise in your home or workplace can help lessen your focus on the tinnitus. This can be from the tv, radio or recorded music.  Alternatively there are sound generators available that play nature sounds or white noise at a volume just below your tinnitus.  In a totally quiet environment your brain will focus on the sounds in your head.,  It is therefore importants to try and avoid complete silence, especially when you are trying to sleep at night.

Many hearing aids now incorporate tinnitus noise generators in a separate program which can be personalised to suit the individual.

Avoid Earplugs

If you have tinnitus you should not wear any kind of earplugs except when exposed to very loud noise, as they create the sort of quiet environment we have recommended avoiding above.

Keeping Active

Keeping active and involved in hobbies and interests can enhance your quality of life taking your focus away from your tinnitus.

Keeping Healthy

Are you getting a good, varied diet, plenty of exercise and rest and some enjoyable social activity.  If you find that certain food or drinks aggravate your tinnitus, cut them out or find alternatives.  With just a few changes you may find that tinnitus will not stop you carrying on with life the way you want to.

Tinnitus ringing in the ears

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